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How Will Tablet/Slates Be Displayed in Retail Outlets?



Call it nostalgic wishing and/or dreaming, but this geeks’ heart would love to be able to walk into a Target, Best Buy, Walmart, Verizon Store, AT&T Store, and wherever else we might see Tablets and Slates on sale and see these devices displayed side to side so that potential customers could pick them up and check them out.

With Apple announcing new retail outlets for the iPad daily it seems, and with Samsung sure to make an effort to match, it would be a geek’s dream to see something like this, along with any other Tablet/Slate maker that has the muscle to gain shelf space.

But keep in mind that the Walmarts, the Targets, and the Best Buys usually keep these things under lock and key so that customers have to seek help to get their hands on one. That’s always been a fact of life as long time Talbeteers know. Remember trying to find a Tablet PC with a pen to check out, back in the day when they did make their way to store shelves, even in small numbers?

It will be interesting to see if these retail outlets do make any changes in how they are able to display these very touchable devices, but I’m guessing there won’t be too many opportunities to go hands on, unless you go to an Apple Store. I think it is unrealistic to expect that kind of service just about anywhere else. Let’s hope I’m proved wrong on this.

The picture is from my local Target Store last week. Doesn’t look too promising now does it.



  1. Yogh

    10/14/2010 at 8:33 pm

    Actually, the last couple of Best Buys I’ve gone into had iPads on display with the rest of the Macs. They were tethered with sticky thing on the back the same way mobile phones are. Admittedly, that was in San Francisco. There were a couple of kids keeping themselves entertained with Plants vs. Zombies.

  2. Thiggins

    10/14/2010 at 11:09 pm

    Seeing a nonworking model locked in a display as I have seen in Target is fairly useless. They “display” 2 netbooks as well but you cannot try them out since they have a plastic panel blocking the keyboard. I cannot imagine they realize many sales. People like to test these things. I like how Barnes & Noble do it with the Nook. They have a booth with working models displayed and a sales person available. My experience has been no pressure and a lot of friendliness. My wife saw it, played with it, bought it.

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