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HP 2710p Tablet PC InkShow Video Review



hp2710p 2007_08_27_19_51_14 009 8_27_2007 5_03 PM_0001  HP went back to the drawing board when they redesigned their convertible Tablet PC, and with the 2710p Tablet PC, the hit a home run in the design department for sure. From the moment the 2710p Tablet PC is opened up, it is clear that its origins came from the TC1100.

Along with the stunning new design, there are some nice new features like a webcam, keyboard light, business card scanner, WXGA screen, and capacitive touch volume controls. However, as you’ll see in this InkShow video review, some of the design choices HP made were at the expense of function. For example, the capacitive touch volume controls sound like a great idea, but practically speaking, the lack of tactile feedback make them difficult to use. In addition, they are not available while in tablet mode.  In fact, there are very few options available while in tablet mode. While the 2710p is a fantastic unit and I’ll continue to use it, there are some things about the 2710p that prospective buyers need to know before making a decision, and I try to cover most of those in this review.

Along with a detailed tour and honest assessment of the 2710p, you’ll also get to see:

  • a real demonstration of the display issues that plague Vista users with the Intel graphics cards. This isn’t a knock on the 2710p, as it appears to be primarily related to Vista and Intel video graphics.
  • a functional and size comparison to the Lenovo X61 Tablet PC. I think you’ll be quite surprised how much smaller the 2710p is compared to the x61.
  • a look at the Ultra-Slim battery and dock
  • a demonstration of the business card reader and software

Even with some things that will make a tablet user scratch their head, I still like this tablet pc a lot, and I will continue to use it for awhile. Please note: there are some initial audio issues the beginning of the video that smooth themselves out after a minute or so. I was experimenting with a wireless mic that was getting some interference.


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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Martin

    11/23/2008 at 2:35 am

    hello, as an interested student in tablets, i've been looking for an active digitizer(or the uncommon case of the hp2590 where your arm doesn't interferre with the pen while drawing, laying your arm on the screen) with a large screen, and i think that this one from your review somehow lokks easy-to-use. but I still have

    Some very importantquestions about the flip-from-meeting-to-office problem
    1 isn't it not jus because that your model is a "demo-like-for-reviewing-the-model-before-it-will-be-able-in-the-stores-model"?
    2 if not, is it then REALLY a vista problem? is it fixed, or have you tried to contact vista/hp?
    3 if not, then to avoid that problem, is it possible to turn the pc on in "slate-mode", and then turn it into a tablet-pc?

    4 about the automatic-screen-rotation, can it turn the screen into all four of the side angles? like when you turn the slate mode 90,180,270 degrees? it is only shown in two angles in your review.

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