HP Buys Palm

So, what does $1.2 billion buy you these days? How about a legendary tech company that is on the ropes but has what quite a few folks think is a great bit of software in its mobile operating system. It also allows you to shake up the mobile and connected device sector.

HP and Palm have announced that HP has acquired Palm for that $1.2 billion price tag and HP’s intent is to “double down on WebOS“, Palm’s mobile OS that many rave about. This puts HP in a position to go head to head with the other players in the Mobile Wars and indeed Brian Humphries, HP’s Senior Vice President of Strategy and Corporate Development is quoted on TechCrunch as saying “We’ll compete aggressively in the market with Apple and Google. We’ve got our hands on a very compelling operating system.”

Early speculation (that I mostly agree with) is that this offers a great shot at some day seeing WebOS on Tablets and other mobile devices beyond smartphones. It might mean that the HP Slate has a very short life indeed. In addition to the WebOS, HP picks up 1500 or so patents that Palm controls.

It has been no secret that Palm’s dismal financial showings had it up for sale with HTC just recently bowing out of contention before signing patent agreements with Microsoft. Between that move that got announced last night, and this announcement once again the ever shifting mobile landscape continued its shifting patterns. And just when you thought things were going to get boring.