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HP HDX Dragon Arrives At Winner’s Home



hp hdx dragon

The HP HDX Dragon made it all the way to Canada, to its’ new owner, TabletEnvy and family. It is official: The Dragon is almost bigger than TabletEnvy’s girls (who knock the "cute" factor out of this world, btw!).

Here is TabletEnvy describing his new prize:

Worth the wait?  Major understatement.  The Dragon has lived up to all my significant expectations, and then some.

First impression: it’s big!  Really big.  Hernia-inducing big.  The picture shows the Dragon next to my Fujitsu P1610: Bambi, meet Godzilla.  I have to keep reminding myself that this 20-plus inch screen is attached to a "laptop" computer.  Hardly something I would want to lug to the office every day.  However, the Waterfield carry bag is a wonderful addition and something I’ll likely use to carry this entertainment centre for short weekend getaways with the family.

The Dragon is an absolute speed demon for a laptop.  It easily out-specs any of the three desktops at my office (CPU, video card, RAM), and at least matches my main desktop computer at home.  I can’t wait to see the framerates this baby can handle on Gears of War or Flight Simulator.

BlueRay movies are absolutely stunning to watch on this thing.  The Pirates of the Caribbean trilogy looks jawdropping, and the sound is stellar.  Who’d have imagined putting a subwoofer on a laptop?

HP HDX Dragon, Splotch, GottaBeMobile.comMy daughters are keeping Splotch busy.  When he stowed away in the FedEx shipment in search of some adventure, he got a little more than he bargained for…

Thank you so much to all the folks at GottaBeMobile, HP, and BuzzCorps for providing this magnificent beast.  I feel like a spoiled child.

And it feels good. 








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