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HP Intros EliteBook 2170p, EliteBook Folio for Business Users



HP introduced dozens of new products today including two notebooks built for road warriors. The HP EliteBook 2170p has a small footrprint thanks to an 11.6″ display.  The HP EliteBook Folio is a business ultrabook that can be configured with 4G LTE.

The  2170p’s small dimensions make it an ideal choice for business travelers that need to get things done wherever they travel. At 2.89 lb, is indeed ultraportable.Previously, the HP EliteBook P line bottomed out at 12.5″ with the 25xxp series and 12.1″ with the 27xx series Tablet PCs.

Unlike ultrathin notebooks, such as the MacBook Air and Dell XPS 13, the 2170p isn’t going to win any prizes for being slim. It’s about the same thickness as HP’s standard business notebooks, but with good reason. The 2170p was built to stand up to the perils of corporate travel and meets the same MIL-SPEC standards as its larger brethren. HP’s corporate customers insist that smaller machines meet the same durability and security standards, which means things like a Kensington lock slot and Smart Card reader are required.

Those looking for a thinner business notebook might want to take a look at the EliteBook Folio. This thin and light business notebook weighs in at 3.5 pounds, which is a bit heavier than the 2170p, but sports a roomy 14″ display.

The EliteBook Folio looks like a lot of other UltraBooks out there, but it has a couple of tricks up its sleeve. One of the reasons UltraBooks are so thin is they forgo removable batteries. The EliteBook Folio can be ordered with a slice battery to significantly increase the amount of time between charges. The EliteBook Folio can be docked, making it easy to use peripherals at the office.

HP and other manufacturers build business notebooks to a much higher standard than most consumer notebooks. They’re typically designed to last a minimum of three years of everyday use, which is why we recommend consumers to at least take a look at these devices if durability is important to them.

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