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HP is Doing the Evangelism Thing Right



Jim Forbes, of Forbes on Tech, has an excellent piece on how HP is setting the bar in the evangelism of its Tablet PCs:

In the race to build market and awareness of convertible computing, Industry warhorse Hewlett Packard is beginning to stand head and shoulders above other manufacturers in exposing its products to large numbers of current and future users. And the reason for its success may be closely linked to an evangelism program aimed at higher education.

Take a quick tour west coast colleges and it’s very hard not to notice teachers and students using a stylus to take notes on their HP convertible notebooks. And the reason for the groundswell use of pen-enabled portables is an active evangelism program run by Jim Vanides (pronounced Va-nydes) HP’s program manager for worldwide higher education, who administers the company’s efforts to seed colleges, universities and other schools with tablets.


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