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HP Mini 1000 Price Drop



According to Electronista, HP has dropped the price on the HP Mini 1000 from $400 to $360.   (Well actually from 399 to $359). HP is also offering a free bump of RAM to 1GB. Apparently units with the new price will start shipping around December 17.




  1. remo26

    12/09/2008 at 7:24 am

    With all the multitouch craze going on, I wouldn’t be surprised if HP introduces the Mini 1000 MIE with a touchscreen upgrade option. The MIE UI looks just like the SmartTouch UI. It’s clear that they designed a winner there.

    The only problem is how much of the Linux that they tweaked for MIE will enable touch input. This could pave the way for a true XP alternative that doesn’t feel like a downgrade in exchange for a price break. As someone pointed out, the price break is quite small probably due to HP’s MIE development costs. So, it is more of a brand differentiator for HP to have the MIE.

    I also think the Mini-Note will get a touchscreen upgrade option (possibly capacitive). I got an e-mail from HP advertising a deal on the 2133 – buy one, get the 2nd for 1/2 price. Reducing inventory is always a sign of a new offering in the works.

    With Asus already claiming that they will have a touch Eee soon, I would think that HP would want to beat them to the gate by bringing one out by CES. It seems that HP already have all the HW and SW they need to pull it off flawlessly.

    If they introduce touch as an upgrade option (like they did with the size upgrade from 8.9″ to 10.2″) instead of calling it a new model, they can still claim respectable profit margins while presenting it as a $339 MIE or $449 Mini-Note. Only after the customer configures the MIE with 2GB RAM, touch, 10.2″, 6-cell, 16GB SSD, BT, 3G, etc. will he realize that he is up to $699. By doing so, HP will have its cake and eat it too. They won’t cannibalize their notebooks (after all a TX2 is still more of a computer than any new Atom or Via Nano Mini-Note), and they will still be competing in the low-end with the rest of the herd (but with a custom OS, MIE, as their differentiator).

  2. tony

    12/15/2008 at 3:26 am

    I really like it when i open the box , in my personal review i test it for a week and the results was really good

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