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HP Says Shut Down of webOS is “Unfounded Rumor”



I wouldn’t want to be Meg Whitman, the new CEO of HP, Todd Bradley, or any of the other execs at HP as they try to muddle through their next moves for HP’s future. Certainly they have some tough decisions ahead. Given the problematic way they went about getting rid of the HP TouchPad, purchasing Autonomy, and the communications around what’s going to happen with the PC business, the first is to devise a communication strategy.

It seems like they haven’t quite accomplished that yet, given reports that HP is going to keep the PC biz and a report yesterday from the Guardian that it was going to dump webOS. Of course the web lit up with the story. But Todd Bradley went on the offensive late yesterday today that the shutting down of webOS is an “unfounded rumor.” You can check that out and more in the video below.

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