HP Slate 500 Heading to Enterprise

Word is bouncing around the Internet this afternoon that the still mysterious, still largely unconfirmed but getting closer to being confirmed HP Slate 500 is not going to be a consumer device but instead (wait for it…) heading to the Enterprise channel.

Todd Bradley, HP’s Personal Systems Group Vice President, apparently spilled the beans at a Fortune Brainstorm session that the HP Slate 500 running Windows 7 is jumping away from consumers and heading towards the Enterprise market. Now, let’s see where have we heard this before? Some sources are also reporting that Mr. Bradley is saying we should be on the lookout for WebOS Tablets, and those WebOS printers as well. (I still can’t figure that one out, but hey, I’m not in their business.)  Word is that we’ll be seeing WebOS 2.0 christened as well.

No word on much else like when, how much, etc… beyond the usual this autumn time frame. None of this is really surprising news beyond the Enterprise target for that Windows 7 HP Slate. That’s a head scratcher.

Via Slashgear and about a bazillion other sources.