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HP TouchPad 4G Launch on AT&T Gets Closer (Update: It Might Be a 7-Inch TouchPad)



Major Update: Turns out, this filing might not be for the AT&T HP TouchPad 4G but a different, 7-inch HP TouchPad device.

If you’re looking to get an HP TouchPad with HSPA+ speeds, a 1.5GHz processor and a two year contract you’ll soon be in luck because AT&T’s HP TouchPad 4G has passed through the FCC which means that all we need now is for HP and Ma Bell to give us an official release date and pricing.

For those that can’t wait for that, remember, there is an off-contract version of the device is already available for pre-order at Amazon for $600. Before you pull the trigger on that though, I suggest that you wait to see what kind of pricing that AT&T offers for the tablet.

HP TouchPad 4G

If the recent and likely permanent price drop of the Wi-Fi only HP TouchPad is any indication, Ma Bell might be offering this thing for cheap. If I had to guess, maybe $450 or so. but don’t hold me to that.

So now we have a pre-order and an FCC filing, so AT&T, how about giving this thing an official launch date?


Via: Engadget

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