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HP, Whitman Still Don’t Know What to Do with webOS



Earlier today, we told you that HP would be holding a meeting to determine the fate of webOS, the software it bought just over a year ago from Palm for $1.2 billions of dollars. That meeting, according to The Verge, did in fact take place but it appears that HP CEO Meg Whitman informed a room full of employees that a decision on the future of webOS is still up in the air.

That’s right, HP held a meeting to declare that it still has no idea what to do with the software.

“It’s really important to me to make the right decision, not the fast decision,” is what Whitman apparently told employees and added that if “HP decides to do this (to keep webOS), we’re going to do it in a very significant way over a multi-year period.”

That’s  right, it’s possible that HP will hold onto the webOS platform.

HP TouchPad

Whitman acknowledged that the indecision is obviously “unsatisfying” but that the only reason she hasn’t made a decision is because she needs to focus on the acquisition of Autonomy and the direction to take the company’s PC business.

This news comes just a day after it was reported that HP was looking at selling the software. Companies rumored to be involved included Amazon, Intel, IBM, Oracle, and Research in Motion (RIM).

So, it looks like it could be a month before HP comes to any sort of firm conclusion about what to do with webOS and the employees that are still involved with it.

A strange meeting to say the least.


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