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HP’s Revs Up Marketing Engine with ‘Everybody On’ Campaign



HP’s launching a new global marketing campaign that highlights passionate people and how they use technology. Famous musicians, race car drivers and other successful people will talk about their experiences in TV ads and on an online hub. Mobility and entertainment will be big parts of the campaign, which will presumably include the company’s newly introduced WebOS products.

The first promo from the campaign I saw featured Alicia Keys. Her passion really does come through in the video, but the tie in to technology is weak. Sure, Beats Audio makes music sound better than on your average PC, but it’d be great if there were more of a story here. She does mention a Piano synth app that carries her name.

Gil de Ferran, an IndyCar team owner, is also featured in the campaign. After spending a couple of days at the race track with him and his team, I’m pretty sure it’ll be pretty easy for him to talk about how HP technology is essential to his team. You can read more about the de Ferran Dragon team’s use of HP technology here.

I shot the above video with some of Gil de Ferran’s teammates last year. Maybe HP will show concrete examples of which devices these celebrities actually use in pursuit of their passions.

While us geeks might focus on GHz and GB, it takes something more to capture most consumers’ attention. HP’s reloaded and has a full stable of celebrities to promote its wares. Hopefully, for HP, the campaign will be well integrated and be more than the sum of its parts.


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