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H&R Block Offers Free Tax Filing to iPhone & Android Users



H&R Block has a tax time treat for smartphone owners with simple tax returns — free tax filing from mobile apps.

Users can file federal and state tax returns free form the H&R Block tax apps for iPhone and Android through April 17th.

The app works for users with simple returns, capable of filing a 1040EZ return.Taxpayers with more complicated returns can file free federal taxes with the iPad app.

Many services offer free federal tax filing, but charge $30 to $40 for state taxes, making this a great deal for last-minute tax filers.

The H&R Block at Home app is free to download for iPhone and Android.

Free Tax Filing H&R Block

File state and federal taxes free with H&R Block At Home on iPhone and Android.

H&R Block makes filing from your phone simple with a snapshot feature to import their W-2 information into the app and a series of questions to guide users through the tax process.

The app encrypts your data to keep your personal information secure, and provides a PDF copy of your return online for your records.

Check out the H&R Block At Home app in use. Joe Taxpayer uses the app to file his taxes from the coffee shop in the demo video from H&R Block.

The H&R Block At Home app provides peace pf mind to last-minute filers with free  “Worry Free Audit Support”. If audited, H&R Block will provide representation to app users, even with the free app.

Download the apps:

Federal and state taxes are due by April 17th, it looks like users are on their own to file city taxes, but those are generally less complicated once federal and state taxes are taken care of.

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