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HTC Advantage and the Accelerometer



When Dynamism offered to send me the HTC Advantage to review, I knew it wouldn’t be an exact fit for what we normally cover on GBM, but I was interested in it because of some unique features I had heard about: a built-in accelerometer. What is unique about this accelerometer is that Opera Mobile takes advantage of it.  The page automatically scrolls up / down / left and right depending on the angle the device is being held at. Tilt it up and the page scrolls up, etc.

This interested me because of the usability possibilities for tablet pcs and ultra-mobile pcs, especially those that don’t have scroll buttons. Take a look at this video and you’ll see what I mean – it is pretty cool stuff, but it definitely needs some work as you’ll see in the video.

You can learn more and purchase one by going to



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