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HTC Butterfly Sense 5 Update Planned for May



The HTC Butterfly Sense 5 update, which was confirmed several months ago for arrival by HTC, is planned for arrival in May, though no specific release date is known at this point.

Shortly after HTC announced the HTC One, the company confirmed that its Sense 5 update would become available to older devices in its arsenal including the HTC One X, One S, HTC One X+ and the HTC Butterfly. The company said that at least some of the features would arrive for the global versions of the devices in the future.

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HTC Droid DNA announcement

Don’t expect the Droid DNA Sense 5 update to roll out in May.

Until now, HTC hadn’t released any concrete details on the upcoming Sense 5 updates. Recently though, in remarks made to Focus Taiwan, the company confirmed that it plans to roll out Sense 5 for the HTC Butterfly by the end of May.

HTC did not outline a specific release date for the software and it did not say which variant or variants would be getting it first, only that it was slated to roll out sometime this month. It’s unclear exactly what will arrive on board with the software, but rumors have insisted that the device could get Android 4.2 Jelly Bean at the same time as its Sense 5 update. HTC has yet to confirm that.

The Sense 5 update itself is a bit of a mystery but it’s expected to be bringing HTC BlinkFeed at the very least. We saw the feature leak out in a piece of Sense 5.1 firmware that emerge a short time ago. Missing however was the powerful photography feature in Sense 5, HTC Zoe. It’s unclear if the Butterfly will get that feature or not.

Those who own the HTC Butterfly in the United States, namely Droid DNA owners, should not expect a Sense 5 roll out in May. Verizon typically takes its time with updates and that means that a roll out isn’t likely to happen for several weeks, if not months, after the initial arrival of the HTC Butterfly’s Sense 5 update.

Other Sense 5 updates remain elusive though we have heard that the HTC One X may be getting its upgrade this summer.

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