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HTC Digs for Users, Highlights BlinkFeed on HTC ONE



Two new ads from HTC featuring upscale coffee shops and dirt seek to highlight the HTC One’s BlinkFeed feature, a way for users to get to the stuff they care about the most, without endlessly browsing through applications on they’re device.

The advertisements, which appeared on HTC America’s YouTube page this past weekend, both involve users out with friends who can’t seem to put down their device because they’re too busy trying to find the social updates and news buried within their device’s apps.

A new feature of HTC’s Sense 5, BlinkFeed attempts to pull all the information that might be relevant to a user onto their home screen, saving them from having to jump from application to application to find what they might be looking for.

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HTC One DIging Ad 2

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“Anthem” features montages in a local eatery. Inside, everyone in each shot can be seen mindlessly scrolling on their devices in an attempt to find what they’re looking for. As they continue to scroll, dirt falls on the floor and table around them, an indication that they’ve been “digging” through screens on their devices for way too long.

A voiceover then asks “wouldn’t it be better if all your apps, sites and networks were all in the place?” The ad closes with people inside the eatery staring at an individual as he uses BlinkFeed to find what he’s looking for effortlessly.

In “No Digging Necessary,” two friends are seen in the same eatery. One is holding an unnamed device and franticly digging through his device to find what he’s looking for, creating a huge pile of dirt on the table. After watching this for a few moments, the second gentleman picks up his device and mentions that, his “HTC One has BlinkFeed,” and that he’s customized it so all the stuff he cares about is on his home screen. His friend then stares in awe that users of the HTC One don’t have to “dig gopher style” to find what they’re looking for.

In addition to highlighting BlinkFeed, HTC’s commercials are indicative of just how the war between smartphone vendors has evolved. At one point in time, smartphone manufacturers needed only to be boast about how the fastest processors and biggest screens to attract customers.

As specifications have become standardized, that point seems to have been lost on users. Instead, the latest crop of top-tier smartphones are focusing on how they can best complement the user’s life style.

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