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HTC EVO 4G’s Hip Hop Fan Boys



I knew there was some serious EVO 4G fans in t he racing community due to the whole NASCAR sponsorship thing, but I had no idea rappers loved their EVOs so much. Some express the kind of love for their EVOs that I’ve rarely seen outside of the confines of Apple fanboyism.

My friend Avram Piltch from Laptop Mag pointed me to the above video by Rue Nasty. My favorite part of the lyrics.

EVO Sprint really changed the game
You gotta get it, it cost a little pocket change
For she faster then your desktop computer man
Watch and record High Definition man
Front cam back cam I be switchin the thing

After watching Rue Nasty’s video, YouTube suggested I watch this video review of the Evo 4G by Ace of the Dynasty. I found it to be a little more informative and entertaining. He manages to take digs at the iPhone and other Android devices.

These may or may not be your cup of tea, but it’s always nice to see different perspectives and to see a little creativity thrown into videos about gadgets.

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