HTC Flyer Tablet Comes with a Stylus For Inking

Joanna Stern of Engadget has put up a video of HTC’s Flyer Tablet which seems to be targeted for those who like a stylus and inking. From what I’m reading here and elsewhere though some caution for Inkers is probably a good thing. HTC is using an N-Trig digitizer. But as James Kendrick reports we haven’t seen any videos yet that show what Inkers really want which is some sort of Palm Rejection.

HTC seems to understand that there is a market out there for Inkers, but as we all know only too well it takes a real combination of software and hardware to make that a pleasant and more than doodling experience worth spending money on. Some App developers for the iPad have come up with some workable solutions that allow Inkers to place their hand or palm on the screen when Inking and perhaps we’ll see the same thing for the Android platform in the future. I’m guessing that HTC doesn’t think this is necessary on a 7-inch form factor which is what the Flyer offers.

Stern says that HTC and N-Trig are offering a capacitive screen with an active digitizer, although she says N-Trig takes pains not to call it that. (Another caution point for those familiar with N-Trig?) The pen has a battery and we’ve seen many of those solutions before, but not in “most convertible Tablet PCs” as Stern indicates.

The software demoed is still in beta mode so it is tough to judge from the demo. That said, there is Evernote integration, and I think the early signs are that HTC is working hard to make Inking a differentiator. But the devil is in the details.