HTC HD2 Hacked to Run Windows RT, Becomes a Microsoft Phablet
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HTC HD2 Hacked to Run Windows RT, Becomes a Microsoft Phablet



The long in the tooth HTC HD2 is one of those aging handsets that keeps getting new life breathed into it via hackers and developers. Released originally as a Microsoft Windows Mobile device, the HTC HD2 was considered a stop gap for HTC and Microsoft in a bid to stay competitive with the iPhone as it included specs like a capacitive touchscreen ahead of the launch of Windows Phone 7. The device is currently now capable of running Microsoft’s latest tablet OS in the form of the Windows RT operating system, making it a phablet of sorts.


The hack was posted on pocketnow

It’s unclear what the purpose of putting Windows RT on the HTC HD2’s aging hardware would be, but Windows RT owners who look at users of the Android-powered Galaxy Note and Galaxy Note II with envy no longer have to be jealous as the HTC HD2 effectively becomes the smallest Windows RT tablet or phablet to date.

For those with an HTC HD2 still laying around, let us know how Windows RT fares on a device that’s smaller than Microsoft’s Surface RT hardware. Of course, at that point, wouldn’t it be easier to just hack on Windows Phone 8 or get a device with Windows Phone 8 pre-loaded that’s really catered to the smaller smartphone screen?

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