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HTC: HTC Deluxe DLX Phablet Not Coming to Europe



It looks like the leaked HTC Deluxe (DLX) phablet with a 5-inch display that was previously leaked won’t be arriving in Europe after all according to a Facebook posting by HTC Germany. The HTC Deluxe, which was also known by its codename of HTC DLX, appears to be a close cousin of the Japan-only HTC J Butterfly and the Verizon HTC Droid DNA, a smartphone that straddles the smartphone and tablet spaces with its still portable but larger 5-inch display, a 1080p full HD resolution screen, and a quad-core Snapdragon S4 Pro processor on the inside along with 2 GB of RAM.


News from HTC Germany that ‘the Deluxe will unfortunately not come to Europe’ is rather surprising considering that prior speculations had it that the cousin to the Droid DNA would be arriving in European and Asian markets. It’s unclear if HTC Europe, or even HTC Germany, will have another variant of the Deluxe/Droid DNA/J Butterfly in its arsenal or if Europeans will simply not be grace with HTC’s large smartphone at all.

We’re still awaiting to hear official word from HTC aside from the Facebook comment left on a post on Facebook. News of the comment was posted originally on GSM Arena

The Deluxe/Droid DNA’s closest competitor in this space would be the 5.5-inch Samsung-made Galaxy Note II. Despite the larger display size, the Galaxy Note II has display resolution of 720p, making the screen on HTC’s device more sharp. Another major difference is that the Note II was designed with an active digitizer in mind and offers more flexibility than HTC model.

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