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HTC Mazaa Windows Phone Mango Looks Like a Verizon Trophy



The HTC Mazaa, which was originally seen earlier this year in April through leaks for Sprint, is now re-surfacing again as a Windows Phone 7.5 Mango device. The device was recently given away by Microsoft as part of the WPAppItUp competition for app developers.

Unfortunately, while Mazaa was originally rumored for a release on Sprint, Microsoft is now saying that this device is a developer phone so it won’t see a commercial launch.

The Mazaa closely resembles the HTC Trophy released for Verizon Wireless. Developers who won the Mazaa say that the device is noticeably faster than the HTC HD7, and that’s perhaps due in part to the optimization behind Mango made by Microsoft on the OS and software end.

Microsoft and its hardware partners are expected to launch new Windows Phone 7 hardware in the next few months. As for now, if you’re itching for a Windows Phone device from Sprint, you can take a look at the HTC Arrive. It’s unclear if Sprint will launch the Arrive’s successor in the future, but the HTC Prime is slated as the second-generation successor to the HTC 7 Pro chassis, of which the Arrive is based upon.

Via: Unwired View

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