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HTC Mogul ROM Update Delayed, Again



Htc-mogul-2HTC Mogul users are unfortunately starting to get used to this familiar song. When the Mogul was released last year, the pitch was that a ROM update featuring EVDO was on the way soon. Soon turned into late fall. And indeed there was a ROM update in the late fall. Unfortunately that ROM update was flawed and bascially got dumped with HTC urging users to roll back to the earlier version. It also didn’t include the promised EVDO Rev A update. Word from on high filtered out that the promised upgrade would happen on January 28. (An HTC rep at CES actually confirmed that to me.) Now that the calendar has rolled over to January 29 a lot folks are wondering what’s up, since no update has been released. Well, except for a leaked Beta of the new update. (Boy Genius has the scoop on that.)

And of course there is a similar tune being sung about the release date of the HTC Shift.

All of this comes on the heels of a Digi-Times report that HTC has slipped from #1 to #3 vendor of Windows Moble-based smartphones. behind Motorola and Samsung. HTC still retains the #1 position on Windows-Mobile based PDA phones.


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