Alleged HTC One Press Image Shows Final HTC M7 Design, Sense 5
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Alleged HTC One Press Image Shows Final HTC M7 Design, Sense 5



A new leaked press image from @evleaks allegedly shows the final design of the HTC One, the phone formerly known as the HTC M7.

The leaked press image looks very similar to other leaked images of the phone with one slight change. While previous images showed off the unconventional button layout of the phone, they didn’t show the placement of the HTC logo on the phone. This image shows the HTC logo in the middle row of capacitive buttons.

The home button of the HTC One is on the right side of the phone, instead of in the middle. Previous images showed the multitasking button in the center of the row of icons, but this new image shows the HTC logo is there in its place. It’s possible the HTC logo will serve the same function, but it is odd nonetheless.

HTC One leaked image

The design of the HTC One looks like it took inspiration from the iPhone 5. The rectangle with rounded edges and the chamfered chrome edge look very similar to Apple’s iPhone 5. There are several differences in the design, such as the two large speaker grilles flanking the screen, but the resemblance is striking.

Also shown in the leaked press image is the new HTC Sense 5 which will likely debut with the HTC One. Sense 5 is a big departure from Sense 4+ as it brings a new design language to the Android skin. The new skin uses flatter designs that are close to stock android than previous version of HTC Sense.

The screen shows not only the new weather widget of HTC Sense 5, but also what looks like a widget for contacts. The widget looks somewhat similar to Microsoft’s Windows Phone 8 design language with its large tiles for individual contacts.

HTC will likely announce the HTC One next week at an event in New York City, just a week before the start of Mobile World Congress.

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1 Comment

  1. Fooey606

    02/11/2013 at 7:29 pm

    I always check out this website for iPhone alternatives – – My personal favourite is the Nokia Lumia because of the camera and speed of the operating system.

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