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HTC One M8 for Windows Gets Big Price Cut



The T-Mobile HTC One M8 for Windows hasn’t been on store shelves for very long, but that isn’t stopping the United States’ fourth-largest wireless carrier from slashing its price by a pretty large amount.

At least for a while, users have been able to pick up the HTC One M8 for Windows at T-Mobile for free. Starting today, T-Mobile is stacking more savings on top that deal. The carrier is now offering the HTC One M8 for Windows for free and slashing $50 off the full price of the handset. In short, users can expect just 24 monthly payments of $22.31. The total users who purchase today will pay for the HTC One M8 for Windows is $535.44. That overall total is down from $585.69.

htc one m8 for windows

T-Mobile eliminated all long-term service contracts roughly a year or so ago. Instead of charging more for access to their wireless network and locking users into a two-year contract, the company now let’s buyers finance their smartphone separately. Users simply pay a monthly fee on top of their wireless service bill. Paying the HTC One M8 for Windows – or any financed phone on T-Mobile — off early means your wireless bill can drop to around $50 if you don’t need unlimited messaging, calling and data. That’s something that doesn’t happen on the other big American wireless carriers, unless users are on a prepaid plan from the very start.

HTC teamed up with Verizon to announce the HTC One M8 for Windows at an event in New York City earlier this year. If its name sounds familiar, it’s because technically the device is exactly the same as the HTC One M8 that runs Google’s Android operating system.

The HTC One M8 for Windows has a 5-inch high-definition display and two BoomSound speakers that can completely fill a small room with sound. A 5 megapixel web camera is wedged in between the top speaker and display. On its rear shell are two cameras. For the HTC One line, HTC created what it calls UltraPixel technology. Essentially, its rear-facing camera is rated as 4 megapixels, but HTC uses the UltraPixel technology to boost sharpness and clarity. It’s always been HTC’s position that its UltraPixel technology is competitive with the cameras in other smartphones. A second camera on the rear of the HTC One M8 for Windows adds some depth.

There’s an SD card slot for adding more storage to the HTC One M8 for Windows. 32GB of storage is included already. 2GB of RAM and a 2.3GHZ quad-core processor power the HTC One M8 for Windows. In short, the HTC One M8 for Windows is one of the most powerful Windows Phone available today.

On board is the latest version of Microsoft’s Windows Phone 8.1 operating system. It’s this update that allowed HTC to effectively substitute Android for Windows Phone. There are new software keys for navigating around the operating system. Since this isn’t a phone made by Microsoft directly, its Lumia experience apps are missing. Instead, HTC’s software team has finally created Windows Phone versions of their Android software. The BlinkFeed news reader and social network check is present. So too is the TV app that allows users to actually turn their television thanks to a built-in IR port on the top of the HTC One M8 for Windows. HTC also created its own Windows Phone camera app for recording Zoes – small video clips.

In addition to heavily slashing the price of the HTC One M8 for Windows, T-Mobile is also reminding users that they can get a free Dot View case when they purchase the HTC One M8 for Windows. The HTC One M8 for Windows Dot View case normally costs $49.99.

For now, the price cut appears to be permanent.

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