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HTC One M9 Cases & Accessories: 6 Official Options



The new HTC One M9 smartphone isn’t available yet, but the manufacturer is already busy prepping and teasing multiple HTC One M9 cases and official accessories. Options that can add additional features, extend battery life, and much more. Here is a quick look at six official HTC One M9 cases or accessories from HTC themselves.

As the mid-March release date nears we’ll likely see tons of additional options and accessories from a myriad of 3rd party manufacturers. Some have already started making announcements, like Tech21 and their popular cases, and more will continue to arrive ahead of, and as the release date arrives.

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Like last year HTC will offer the popular Dot View Case and this time around it has added features and functionality, as well as 8-bit style games you can play without ever opening the case. Keeping your screen safe and entertaining you at the same time. Read on for six excellent accessories to consider once you buy the new HTC One M9.


Last year the HTC One M8 was announced and released on the same day, and many manufacturers were ready to go with official cases and accessories, and we’re expecting the same this year. A few have already announced options, and with a few weeks wait before the release date we can expect more to arrive just in time for this impressive phone to hit US carriers.

That said, below are a few options that will be worth checking out that are already available from HTC.

Dot View Case

The Dot View case for the HTC One M8 was a surprise and exciting accessory many loved. The all TPU flip cover case was excellent at protecting the phone, but the little dots in the plastic allowed for users to answer calls, check the weather and more all with the case closed. The screen would glow through the small “dot view” and give users information at a glance.


This year the new Dot View will let users customize what all can be shown while the screen is still closed, customize the colors and lights of notifications, and there’s even neat little games like Brickles and more all playable without ever opening your case. It’s pretty neat, and should be priced similar to the $49 price tag as last years option. It’s expensive, but protects your phone while allowing you to do more than most cases. We’ll update with the link once it’s available.

Rapid Charger

Just like the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 or Nexus 6, the new HTC One M9 features Qualcomm’s popular Quick Charge 2.0 technology, allowing the One M9 to charge nearly 60% faster than previous generation devices. When the battery is under 10%, the Rapid Charger will give you hours of usage after just 15-30 minutes on the wall charger.


The Rapid Charger HTC offers themselves is currently sold out, but should be back in stock priced at $34.99 once the HTC One M9 is announced. We’re expecting a quick charger to be in the box, but if not, you’ll want to get this charger to get more battery faster, especially while on the go.

Buy the Rapid Charger

HTC Grip

While many were expecting an Android Wear smartwatch to be announced by HTC, that didn’t happen. Instead we have a new fitness wearable band called the HTC Grip, in partnership with Under Armor, to help keep users in shape. Like all fitness devices this will pair to your One M9 and sync important information, like calories, steps walked, and much more.


It doesn’t have a heart rate monitor, but it does do a lot of other neat things. You can set daily or weekly fitness goals, compete with your friends, and just keep track of your fitness and general health with the new stylish accessory.

The HTC Grip will go on sale this Spring for $199.

Dual Port Car Charger

Even though the HTC One M9 has a more efficient Snapdragon 810 processor and a bigger 2,900 mAh battery this year, you’ll still want to charge it as often as possible. The official HTC dual port charger does a high output 2.0 charge, so will give you as much juice while on the go as possible.


It isn’t as fast as the Rapid Charger above, but has two ports to charge multiple gadgets while traveling or driving. It’s only $24.99

Buy the HTC Dual Port Car Charger

HTC One M9 Car Mount

Speaking of being in the car, HTC offers a universal car mount for all HTC devices that will work great with the all-new HTC One M9. It’s very similar to the One M8, so users will have no problems using it in the car to keep their phone safe, get driving instructions, and check information while keeping their hands on the wheel and eyes on the road.


Buy the HTC Car Mount

HTC Battery Bar (Power Pack)

Even with all the efficiency additions and the chargers mentioned above, some users will need power when they simply can’t charge the smartphone. HTC has a battery saver mode, as does Android 5.0 Lollipop, but if you need battery power while on the go get the official HTC Battery Bar.


The battery bar is essentially a portable battery pack like we’ve seen from countless other manufacturers and 3rd party accessory makers. It has a 9,000 mAh battery so can charge your HTC One M9 from 0 to 100% almost three times, and runs just $69.99.

Buy the HTC Battery Bar

This is just a short list of six different options that are available now, or will be available once the HTC One M9 is released to the public in the coming weeks, or in early April. And while this is just a few different options covering a little of everything, expect tons of cases from HTC and 3rd party manufacturers soon. We’ll update with more cases as they become available.

Who’s buying the new HTC One M9? Did the improvements and added 20.7 megapixel camera do enough to warrant an upgrade? Or will you be sticking to your old HTC One M8, getting the Galaxy S6, or taking a different route? Let us know in the comments below.

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