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HTC One M9 Leaks and Teasers Continue Ahead of Release



With just a few days left before HTC takes the stage and announces the all-new HTC One M9, the leaks and teasers continue to arrive sending mixed messages about what to expect. For months rumors have been swirling, but they’ll all come to an end on March 1st when the device is announced, and possibly released.

Leaks and rumors about the HTC One M9 started late last year, and in January multiple images leaked of the device that were quickly put into question. More rumors suggested they were all fake, and that HTC was hiding a completely redesigned device and attempting to stop all the leaks, as the HTC One M8 the year prior leaked more times than we can count.

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Then, last month a new photo emerged showing what could be the true and final design of HTC’s next flagship phone, or two. This photo showed a radically different design, something different from the past two years and had many excited. However, the last week an entire slew of photos have leaked suggesting the HTC One M9 this year may be nearly identical to the model released in 2014.


We’ve seen countless leaks already, which may be fake, and after more photos and concept images emerged, the name was somewhat confirmed, however the past two days we’ve received another entire set of photos and details that have many confused as to what’s going on.

In 2014 the HTC One M8 leaked countless times before being announced and released, and we knew exactly what to expect once it was confirmed. We saw pictures, videos and more of the device, but this year HTC has done a better job keeping things a secret. Initially some photos leaked showing a device nearly exactly the same as last years, and then another rumor suggested those were all fakes from HTC in order to hide the final design.

The reports have been back and forth regarding what we may see from HTC, but if the last few leaks are accurate owners may be disappointed. For starters, two new images leaked today by the popular leakster @upleaks, showing essentially the HTC One M9 looking nearly the same as last year. The camera is different, they’ve changed the buttons a bit and added some gold trim, but the design remains the same.

Screen Shot 2015-02-24 at 10.17.49 AM

Having the same design isn’t necessarily a bad thing, as the HTC One and HTC One M8 were both excellent smartphones. It’s just that offering nearly no major changes for three years straight isn’t what many were hoping for, especially given the large bezels around the HTC One M8. Leaks and concepts teased a sleek device with edge-to-edge glass and a completely new look to the phone, but these official-looking photos lead us to believe otherwise.

The HTC One M9 will still be an extremely impressive smartphone, no matter how it looks. With a 5-inch 1080p HD display, a bigger 2,900 mAh battery, and a fast 8-core processor with 3GB of RAM and more. Add in an improved 20 megapixel camera, Android 5.0 Lollipop, and better dual front facing speakers, it’s no slouch. It’s just that buyers were expecting something new and different, similar to what Samsung is rumored to be doing with the Galaxy S6.

Leaks and rumors aside, multiple different official HTC Twitter accounts have been teasing the device for weeks leading up to the release date. This week HTCIreland posted the tweet above, teasing that a “bigger boom” is coming with the new HTC One M9. Suggesting improved dual front facing speakers. They also hashtag #comingsoon and #6days which is of course when it will be announced, on March 1st. At the same time, some could look at this and think March 1st is also the release date.

Even the HTCUSA Twitter account is getting in on the teasers as March 1st nears. All said and done, the wait is almost over and in a few short days HTC will announce the new HTC One M9 and put all the rumors to rest. That same day we’ll also see the next Samsung Galaxy S6 smartphone, so stay tuned right here for all the details.

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