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HTC One M9 Release Date Kicks Off Tomorrow with Live Stream



This week the HTC One M9 release date finally arrived for those in Taiwan, but for the millions of potential buyers in the United States a release date hasn’t been announced. However, since the March 1st announcement we’ve heard countless details, seen a few leaks, and now it looks like HTC is ready to finally make the HTC One M9 release in the U.S. official.

On March 1st HTC took the stage at Mobile World Congress and announced its new HTC One M9. The smartphone was leaked countless times before the reveal, so there were no surprises when it was revealed. And while many expected it to be released on the same day, like they did with the HTC One M8 last year, that wasn’t the case this year, but we now have a good idea as to when it’s coming.

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HTC confirmed the new One M9 release date is “mid-March” but that’s all they’ve said thus far, and no carriers have confirmed an actual HTC One M9 release date, until now. Earlier this week HTC confirmed that tomorrow, Wednesday 18th they’ll make some formal announcements for the US release date. And now, it looks like we could have bad news from HTC, or good news from them and bad news for the competition, as they’ve just announced they’ll live stream the announcements in what’s being called an “Uh Oh” live stream.

HTC One M9 Photos - 1

On the official HTC America YouTube Channel a new live stream has gone live with a countdown timer ending tomorrow, March 18th, at 12 ET and 9PT for the big reveal. All we see is a thumbnail of the HTC One M9, but the live stream is titled “Uh Oh” which could mean lots of things. That said, the announcements will start tomorrow at 12 ET.

We could be hearing that they have a small delay in the release date, and the HTC One M9 may not be coming until sometime in April, or this is a cryptic message and they’re saying uh oh to the competition, as they’re releasing the new HTC One M9 ahead of the Galaxy S6. That’s our best at least. At the same time, we could see a new HTC One M9 Max, or some other bigger variant of the HTC One like rumors earlier this year suggested. Which would be another uh oh to the competition.

Above is where the announcement will be streamed live, and at this point we have no clue what’s actually going on. Most likely we’re expecting HTC to announce when the new One M9 will be available in the United States from all four major US carriers. T-Mobile has an event scheduled for tomorrow too, and there’s been speculation the HTC One M9 release date for T-Mobile will be tomorrow, with other carriers following in the coming days or weeks.

For now all we know is that all four major carriers have confirmed they’ll offer the new HTC One M9. Verizon claimed it will arrive in Q2, and the rest said coming soon or coming this Sprint, so we’ll have to wait and see.

As a reminder, the new HTC One M9 has a 5-inch 1080p HD display, a powerful 8-core Snapdragon 810 processor with 3GB of RAM, 32GB of storage and a micro-SD slot, an improved 20.7 megapixel rear and 4 Ultrapixel front camera, and a bigger battery. There is a lot to love about the new phone, and we’ll finally know when it’s coming to the United States tomorrow at 9 AM PT. Stay tuned as we’ll have all the details as they become available.

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