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HTC One M9 Release Date Revealed



When the brand new HTC One M9 was announced earlier this month the company didn’t have any solid details to share regarding a release date. Instead of a day-one release like last year, all HTC could share was a mid-March release schedule. Today though, we finally have the first solid release date.

On March 1st HTC took the stage at Mobile World Congress and announced its new HTC One M9. The smartphone was leaked countless times before the reveal, so it wasn’t much of a secret. And while many expected it to be released on the same day, like they did with the HTC One M8 last year, that didn’t happen.

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Instead, HTC confirmed the new One M9 release date is “mid-March” but that’s all they’ve said thus far, and no carriers have confirmed an actual HTC One M9 release date, until now. Today an official press release in HTC’s home country of Taiwan has been released confirming the HTC One M9 release date is set for March 16th.

HTC One M9 Display

According to an official press release and a few details from DigiTimes, the HTC One M9 release date is March 16th in Taiwan, along with five of the nations biggest carriers, but none of those include the United States. Last year HTC released the One M8 on the same day it was announced, March 27th, and Verizon was the only US carrier to have it on day one.

Many expected something similar here in 2015, but clearly that’s not the case. So far we’ve heard from all the major US carriers that they’ll offer the new HTC One M9, but none have given out an actual date potential buyers can look forward to.

HTC’s press release for Taiwan states March 16th is the official “release date” but it won’t start showing up in retail stores throughout that region until March 23rd, making the release more towards the end of the month. For what it’s worth, last week the popular online US retailer B&H listed it for $649, and claim the release date is March 25th.

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This means we could see the international release kick off on or around March 16th and 23rd like stated below, with release dates to quickly follow from multiple carriers in the United States. We could see at least one or two offer it on March 25th, or even sooner, but so far we’ve yet to hear anything stateside. The first leak was the AT&T HTC One M9, so many expect them to be the first carrier to offer it, but we’ll have to wait and see.

HTC One M9 Photos - 10

All said and done we’re still no closer to confirming a date, as all US carriers have been rather shy when it comes to making any formal announcements. We expect AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon and Sprint to all offer it, and potentially smaller regional carriers, but none have said anything more than coming soon, or coming this Spring.

It’s only a matter of time until official details leak, pre-order pages go live, and we begin to learn more about the upcoming HTC One M9 release date. We’ll be on the lookout for more details as they become available, and surely AT&T, Verizon and more will start confirming the release date and opening up pre-orders soon enough.

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