HTC One M9 Rumors Take Unexpected Turn
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HTC One M9 Rumors Take Unexpected Turn



Over the past few weeks more and more rumors and photos have started to emerge of the new and upcoming HTC One M9 smartphone for 2015. However, all those leaks and rumors could have been a silkscreen, as a new report is suggesting they were all fakes, in order to keep the new phone a secret.

Recently there have been multiple rumors regarding at least one or two new smartphones from HTC. At this point we’re not entirely sure if the HTC One M9 will be the “Hima” that has leaked countless times, and now we’re not even sure if all the photos that leaked last week were even the real deal.

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Over the past two years HTC has delivered quality smartphones with the original HTC One, and then the HTC One M8 in 2014, and many expected something similar this year. So far all the pictures appear to show a device largely unchanged from previous years, with nearly the exact same design, the same 5-inch screen, the same big bezels, and simply a better camera. But they could all be wrong.

HTC One M9 - Exciting Tech 2015

According to multiple reports out of HTCSource, one being linked to above, and another that surfaced over the weekend, HTC has been doing a bit of intentional fake leaks to keep everyone off the trail of the real HTC One M9. Evan Blass, formerly the famed leakster that goes by @Evleaks on Twitter, confirmed this news.

Recently we’ve been seeing a large amount of leaks about HTC’s upcoming smartphone. First with benchmarks, some screenshots, and “confirmations” of the specs, and then all the photos last week. Then, following all of that HTC themselves confirmed the device will be revealed to the world on March 1st. That’s the official announcement date, and could be the release date too.

So what about the phone? The HTC One M9, if rumors are accurate, will look nothing like the photos we’ve seen leak over the past two weeks. They’ve all been intentional dummy units in a casing that differs from the real smartphone. Below is one of those photos.


Evan Blass claims that HTC put the internals of the new HTC One M9 into a casing that looked extremely similar to last years model, in an attempt to hide the main design. This was then sent out to partners, carriers for testing, and many other areas where these devices often get leaked. We’ve seen Samsung do this in the past, and even HTC with the original HTC One (M7) from 2013.

Evan states that the HTC One M9 will be a significant change in design over the original, but the extend of the changes are yet to be known. He claims it will share a somewhat similar design language, likely the aluminum frame and front facing speakers, but be a huge shift and completely different looking smartphone.

The biggest problem with the HTC One and One M8 were the large bezels for the dual boomsound front facing speakers, the large black bezel above that, then the on screen keys. This made a 5-inch smartphone nearly the same size as many much larger 5.5-inch devices like the sleek LG G3.

The Galaxy S5 features a fingerprint reader and capacitive buttons while the HTC One M8 features on screen buttons.

See the huge bezel compared to Samsung’s Galaxy S5

According to HTCSource the new HTC One M9 will have an edge-to-edge glass panel on the front. The speakers have been pushed to the top and bottom edge, redesigned to be smaller and take less space, and look much different than anything we’ve seen this far from HTC. Meaning the bezels will finally be gone, and the front of the device will be all glass, and almost all screen real-estate for one of the best smartphone experiences yet, and something HTC’s had of global communications claims will “blow your mind” once it’s released. The early concept renders we saw last year might be a better representation of what will be announced.

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As a refresh the rumors point towards a 5.5-inch (or 5-inch) 2560 x 1440 Quad-HD display, a powerful 8-core processor with 3GB of RAM, 32GB of internal storage and a micro-SD slot, a much improved 20.7 megapixel rear and 4 Ultrapixel front camera, aluminum design, and be running the latest Android 5.0 Lollipop and a new Sense 7 user interface.

So what does all this mean? We’ll, we’re not sure. It sounds like HTC has completely hid the final design of the HTC One M9, and we’ll be seeing something completely different from all the leaks come March 1st when the company takes the stage in Spain and announces the new phone. We’ll be on the lookout for more details, confirmations, and hopefully a leak of the real smartphone. Who’s interested in the HTC One M9 now?

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