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HTC One M9 Teased in New Videos Ahead of Release



The HTC One M9 was announced earlier this week and it’s full of improvements that will make it a worthy successor of the original. Its impressive specs and improved camera, array of features, front facing speakers and more are all reasons why you’ll want to upgrade to the new phone, and below are two new videos HTC has released teasing the new phone ahead of the impending release date.

Sunday, HTC announced the new One M9 live in Barcelona, Spain, and thanks to an array of leaks over the past month or so there weren’t too many surprises. It’s a premium looking device, but looks nearly identical to the One M8 from last year, but still has plenty to offer, and some of those are being put on display today ahead of the release.

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During the announcement HTC confirmed the release date is set for mid-March, but sadly we didn’t get an exact date like last year. That being said, all four major US carriers have confirmed it’s coming soon, possibly around the end of March or early April, just in time to compete with the Galaxy S6.


With the HTC One M9 release date still a few weeks out, if not longer, the company isn’t wasting any time building hype around its latest creation. In fact, today they released two brand new videos showing off the HTC One M9. The first one gives potential buyers a pretty good first look and introduction to the One M9, and the other, is a bit odd.

The first video, shown below, gives us a neat look at some of the design elements into the phone. Things like the zero gap all aluminum frame and new two-tone color option. As well as a decent overview of the device. This was shown during the announcement, but is posted below for your viewing pleasure.

HTC didn’t change the design much compared to last years model, but the video above would lead you to believe otherwise. Yes they changed the buttons, improved the camera, and changed a few things, but the design is very similar to last year’s popular One M8. Which is both a good and bad thing.

In the video below we get another look at the HTC One M9 in a more inspiring video, and they’ve tapped their partnership with Robert Downey Jr. who narrates the entire clip. This one is more about life, and life with an HTC One, and how we’re all “One”. Yes, they’re teasing the smartphone ahead of its release date that’s coming up in just a few weeks time.

Overall the videos aren’t anything special but do give potential buyers a few more details, looks at the smartphone and all the color variations, as well as various uses for the device. The second of the two, is likely an ad spot you can expect to see on TV here in the near future as HTC continues to build up the hype around the HTC One M9 as the release date approaches.

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HTC’s new phone has a 5-inch 1080p display, an 8-core processor, they’ve improved the camera to 20.7 megapixels all while adding a bigger battery, better speakers, and a new two-tone color design all running Android 5.0 Lollipop.

As an added reminder, the HTC One M9 is set to be released globally starting in mid-March, but we’ve yet to hear an actual release date from HTC themselves, or any carriers around the globe or in the United States. As the middle of the month nears, expect more to surface.

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