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T-Mobile HTC One Release Date Pegged for April 24th



According to documents leaked to TMoNews, users on the carrier an expect a T-Mobile HTC One release on April 24th.

Stores getting the HTC One at launch will be flanked by a retail display of Beats Audio equipment. Stores that aren’t going to get the HTC One would place a dummy version of the Samsung Galaxy S2 in white, beside demos of the Samsung Galaxy S Blaze and the LG Optimus L9.

This is the first we’ve heard that all T-Mobile stores won’t be getting the HTC One at the same time though, T-Mobile sent a release of this nature for the Samsung Galaxy S3 in its stores last year. These documents list a launch date of “April 24th”

Leaked documents from T-Mobile pinning the HTC One Launch for April 24th.

Leaked documents from T-Mobile pinning the HTC One Launch for April 24th.

The leaked planograms point to two different store configurations in addition to the device’s launch date. Planograms are retail documents that highlight exactly what products will be available at specific locations and their exact location in relationship to other products in the store.

Right now, T-Mobile’s public relations team is neither commenting on the leaked document nor confirming the date in the documents.

News of the impending launch of the HTC One comes on the same day as analysts monitoring supply chain changes on the HTC One noted a significant uptick in the amount of HTC One devices, HTC will be able to ship in the near future. According J. P. Morgan, production shortages are no longer dogging the handset. It had been speculated that the device’s UltraPixel camera would make the device harder to come by, thus insuring that HTC would have a hard time selling a large amount of devices to users out of the gate.

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A mid-to-late April launch of the HTC One on T-Mobile could give HTC the breathing room it needs to sell more devices.  T-Mobile confirmed that it would be releasing the Samsung’s upcoming flagship, the Samsung Galaxy S4 in early May during the device’s announcement window. The carrier is expected to begin taking preorders for the Galaxy S4 on April 16th.According to leaked documents from Staples, the tentative launch dates for the Galaxy S4 are April 26th for AT&T customers, May 1st for T-Mobile customers, and May 30th for those on Verizon.

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