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HTC One S Camera and Video Samples



One of the features HTC is very proud of on the T-Mobile HTC One S and other One series smartphones is the camera on the back. It features a 28mm wide-angle f/2.0 lens backed by a camera app with a ton of settings and filters.

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With this hardware, owners of the One S will have a pretty powerful mobile camera in their pockets. How good the resulting images are still depends on other factors, though: the environment and the person behind the lens.

I spent the day shooting pictures and video with the HTC One S. I’m no great photographer, but I do take lots of pictures with phones so I know a little bit about tweaking the settings. Still, I couldn’t coax great pictures out of the phone indoors. Outside, the camera snapped some good images.

HTC One S Camera

HTC One S Indoor Samples

HTC One S Camera Sample

Indoor - The flash makes everyone's skin look yellowy greenish

HTC One S Outdoor Samples

HTC One S Camera Sample

Shot taken while recording video

HTC One S Camera Sample

Outdoor - Mixed shadow and bright sun

HTC One S Video Samples

The HTC Sense 4 Camera App

The camera app itself is packed full of settings and stuff, and in some areas attempts to guide users in making images better.

HTC One S Camera App - Scene Mode

Scene Mode Choices

Among the nicer features on the One S is the ability to snap still images while recording video (and while playing it back).

Users can also edit images, adding filters, messing with the brightness, contrast etc. and other tricks to clean up a less than perfect photo.

Overall, it’s an excellent app for those who want to take their mobile photography to the next level. Most of the pictures produced by the HTC One S aren’t terrible and have potential. I’d just like to see the app help amateurs like me fulfill that potential.

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  1. Web Design Company

    04/19/2012 at 2:09 am

    It’s really amazing and i more like yellow white balance which will be really attractive..

  2. OptiMatrix (@optiinfo)

    10/01/2012 at 1:22 am

    Video footage is extremely gorgeous but the mic needs work.

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