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HTC Rezound Appears in Lengthy Hands On Video



When it rains in the smartphone world it pours. Just a short time after we told you about a new possible release date for the HTC Rezound, the phone, in pre-production model form, has appeared on YouTube in a lengthy hands-on video showing off the phone’s form factor and giving us a little tour on what to expect from HTC’s announcement on November 3rd.

The video is courtesy of a user calling himself JohnBoy and for almost five minutes, he takes us through some of the highlights of the device including its software – which is Android 2.3.4 with Sense 3.5 – as well as its unique battery cover.

And while JohnBoy unboxes the device, you’ll notice that it doesn’t have the retail packaging. Again, that’s because this is a pre-production model. Still, this is what the phone will look like when it’s unveiled this week.

The Rezound is HTC’s offering that will compete against the likes of the Droid RAZR and the Galaxy Nexus.

Which are you going to be picking up?

Via: Phandroid



  1. Anonymous

    10/31/2011 at 7:44 pm

    Maybe he should invest in a tripod so he can do these reviews/previews without fumbling around with one hand? And why is this in portrait, rather than landscape?

  2. Hondanerd

    11/01/2011 at 12:49 am

    I’m waiting on galaxy nexus!!! I’m just sick of Motorola and they’re unfinished cellphones, sorry Motorola but its time to leave you being!!!

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