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HTC Shift Available in the US



It looks like the HTC Shift is finally available in the US. At least one on-line retailer is advertising it. On The Go Solutions is showing the HTC Shift as in stock and available for the steep price of $1629.99. Intriguingly if you click on the details and accessories link, you’ll find the GBM early look at the HTC Shift, which was almost 7 months agao now. Also intriguing the show a picture of several boxes of Shifts, I guess to prove it is in stock.

HTC Shift On Sale

UPDATE: So, a little birdy sends me some more info on this. Apparently HTC has NOT released any units for sale in the US as of this point. Those pictured are EMEA (Europe, Middle East, and Africa) which contain the Qualcomm chipsets. Looks like that Qualcomm/Broadcom fight is still tying things up.

UPDATE 2: Just spoke with a sales rep at On The Go Solutions who says they are selling the Shift and orders are moving quite well, still have units in stock, and are expecting more shipments next week. Fascinating.


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