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HTC Shift Brochure and Specs



Kaz911, the Man of the HTC Hour, has turned in to the Man of the HTC Week, with news that is causing many people to “shift their plans“. Just to silence the critics that claim the specs he posted were not real, he’s scanned in the HTC Shift brochure and has it posted on his site. The images below are just snippets, so click through to see the high res shot of both pages of the brochure.

Notice the different battery times – Up to 2 hours run-time on Vista vs 8 hours…hmm. Those other 6 hours must be when only running the “limited mobile office” or SideShow office feature. Up-to 2 hours likely means an hour to an hour and a half of real use. That just doesn’t cut it for me and I don’t think it will cut it for many other folks.

HTC Shift Battery Life Specs

HTC Shift Specs


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