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HTC Shift Coming to Europeans in November



UMPCPortal’s Chippy is at the HTC conference and scored an interview with Paul Ghent, HTC’s Executive Director of Europe. Besides learning that the Shift will be available to Europeans in November ( HTC European site is open right now) and that XP will be offered , most everything else learned is what we’ve already been able to glean from Hugo’s review, answers,  and other reports.

It is interesting to get Chippy’s perspective after using it hands on for a while – battery life is poor, screen is bright, keyboard is nice. Well worth reading.

HTC has also published their press release on their Q4 roundup.

Design wise its a very very nice product. The keyboard is good (not as good as SH6 but still, very useable. A similar experience to the SH6 but slightly slower. It feels nice in the hand and you can definitely thumb the keyboard while standing. The screen is bright, the 800Mhz Stealey seems to drive it at an acceptable pace.

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