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HTC Shift Released in Canada



HTC ShiftLooks like those Canadians are getting a taste of the Shift now.  Gadgetell is reporting that Rogers Wireless is now bringing the Shift to all the Canadians now.

Interesting to point out is that Rogers is saying they are going to enable the GPS unit within 3 months of release!

I would still REALLY like to test one of these out for a couple of weeks.  It’s still up in the air right now, but I might have to fall into the ‘corp Dell machine’ for work soon.  (Yes, I’ll still have my Tablet PC around – and I am trying to talk them into a M700) I think that if I have to go to that (Dell D830) as my ‘main’ work machine that the HTC Shift might just solve my problems when I go mobile.  So – If anybody has one that is sitting on their shelf not being used – shoot me an e-mail and I’ll take good care of it for a couple of weeks so it’s not feeling so lonely :-).

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