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HTC Shift – Thoughts After A Few Days



I’ve been traveling some since the HTC Shift was delivered so there hasn’t been as much time in the first few days as I would have liked.  But that changes today as I go back home.  I did however get a few hours before I left and some more time on the plane to look over the unit.  I will be taking a closer look a the device and also maybe trying to bump up the Snap Vue to be full WM6 :)

I like the device so far, not sure yet if it will be the device for me in the end, but that will take a few more days of testing and really getting the time to add some programs to the device before I can really tell.  Here are a few things from the start I have noticed.

  • I really wish the screen would rotate.  I have tried messing around with the drivers some and the INF file, but nothing so far, I will keep trying though. I feel that if I get that rotation working, item 2 might be easier to get over
  • I wish the screen wasn’t as soft of a touch.  If there is the slightest bit of touch on the screen other than the pen (ie your pinky) it will mess up the digitizer and cause all kinds of bad things to happen…
  • The keyboard isn’t good for my large hands.  For things to work, I end up using 2 fingers on each hand.  It works, but if the keyboard was just an inch wider I feel that it might be just right.
  • The radios worked well, even got my ATT Tilt hooked up with HSDPA going well on there too.  I did get my SIM card in the built in slot and picked up some e-mail on the Snap Vue side of the Shift.  It would be nice to have a browser on that side… maybe sometime later this week :)

More thoughts to come as I test out more things, but these are my few thoughts so far.  I will also be testing out some more over the next week and a half, and I will keep updating as I figure out more! Thanks to Dynamism for the loaner unit.

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