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HTC Tablet and Smartwatch Are in the Works, State Execs



HTC hasn’t had what many would consider good luck or success in the Android tablet market, but the company aims to re-enter the tablet game, and even launch a wearable device or Smartwatch. In an insightful interview with The Financial Times a few execs shared details on some upcoming plans, and have our interest piqued.

HTC CEO Peter Chou and Chairwoman Cher Wang both took part in a joint interview and had lots of interesting things to say. While we know the smartphone manufacturer has seen its fair share of troubles, they still have high hopes, and big plans for the future. Those being a fresh new Android tablet and plenty different approaches to the wearable computing era we’re about to dive into in 2014.


The joint interview shared a lot of different details. Including the fact that Wang would be stepping up her daily duties and taking some of the heat off of CEO Peter Chou. Confirming some of his sales and marketing responsibilities and relationships will be taken over by Cher Wang. Which is interesting yet makes sense given the companies continued troubles as of late. This will also allow Peter Chou to focus elsewhere, like innovation and brand awareness.

Wang went on to talk about the company as a whole, but one interesting point to us was the talks of a new Android tablet. When asked on the subject she confirmed a new tablet was in the works, followed by saying, “When the tablet comes out it will be something nice and disruptive.” Hinting that they aim to disrupt Samsung’s popular tablets, the iPad, and maybe even Google’s Nexus 7. Her mentioning “the tablet” makes us believe they’ll focus on one device only, a hero tablet, just like the HTC One hero smartphone.

CEO Chou talked about wearable computing devices, stating it’s an area they have a lot of interest in, but want to get right. Seemingly taking a shot at Samsung by saying they don’t want a terrible first release, they want to get it right out of the gate. We’re assuming he means the Galaxy Gear smartwatch. Chou even claimed the company worked with Microsoft “several years ago” on a watch, but that never panned out. We could see an HTC One Watch from the company in the future, but for now nothing is certain.

Chou ends by calling the wearable computing segment a critical one for the company, which leads us to believe it has a few different devices in the works. With HTC still struggling in the smartphone market customers will have to wait and see how everything plays out as we wait to see what’s next from them in 2014.

1 Comment

1 Comment

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