HTC ThunderBolt Extended Battery Review: The Best ThunderBolt Accessory Ever

The HTC ThunderBolt is an impressive phone, as long as it is powered on when you want to use it. I detailed all the reasons I bought it earlier this year, but I failed to take into account the horrible battery life that it has become known for.

How bad is battery life on the ThunderBolt? Well, on an average day I would be lucky to go from breakfast to the end of dinner without losing a charge, and that was on days where I worked from home with a computer for checking twitter and surfing the web. I’m not running a million background services, but for whatever reason I was lucky to go half a day with a charge.

Finally, fed up with losing power when I needed it the most, I decided to buy the official HTC Extended battery for the ThunderBolt. The battery retails for $49.95, but I had a $10 off note on my account. I never asked for this discount, but I think Verizon realized that ThunderBolt owners were fed up and was trying to make good on at least one issue.

HTC ThunderBolt Extended Battery

HTC ThunderBolt Extended Battery

HTC ThunderBolt Extended Battery Use

Usage statistics for ThunderBolt Extended Battery.

The extended battery adds some bulk and weight to the phone, but not much more than the Mophie Juice Pack Air that iPhone owners tote around everywhere they go. In my experience, the additional bulk and weight are well worth it, so much so that I think HTC and Verizon should have shipped the phone with both the standard and extended batteries, like they have with other battery destroying smartphones.

While I was lucky to near the 12 hour mark in 3G coverage, now I can go 14 hours before the battery hits 50%. I expect that this will drop a bit when 4G gets turned on in the area, but I’m no longer looking for power connections anytime I am on the move.

You can see a sample of my battery use on the HTC ThunderBolt while using the Extended battery to the right. It’s pretty impressive given how fast those activities would have eaten through the standard battery.

If you rely on your HTC ThunderBolt, and have trouble making it through a workday, you should seriously consider the HTC ThunderBolt extended battery. You can still fit it in your pocket with the extended battery, but the difference is, at the end of the day, you’ll still have a charge. I haven’t been able to make the battery drop below 40% yet, which makes me think I might be able to go a night without charging if I had to.

My Advice to Motorola Droid Bionic owners, pick up the extended battery before it sells out.

HTC Thunderbolt Extended Battery v. iPhone 4 w/ Mophie Juice Air

HTC Thunderbolt Extended Battery v. iPhone 4 w/ Mophie Juice Air