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HTC to Utilize Hybrid Metal-Plastic Case for Smartphones



The latest report from DigiTimes suggests that Chenming Mold Industrial has secured a contract with smartphone-maker HTC to produce a new plastic-metal chassis for a new upcoming HTC phone. The new metal-plastic housing would bring the best features from both materials.

For instance, it would have the strength of metal, but at the same time be more friendly with radio signals from the plastic part as metal is known to cause radio interference.

Chenming pointed out that most metal chassis processing is being done through CNC lathe machines, but since metal chassis can easily create interference with the handset’s radio, the company’s NanoMolding Technology (NMT), which allows a combination of metal and plastic materials, will help vendors to avoid interference issues, while providing flexible choices in designs as plastic can be easily formed into different shapes.

The new manufacturing process would help to reduce the overall thickness of the final case while at the same time also help to make the final product harder.

It’s unclear how the final case design for the new HTC phone would look like as the HTC Sensation and Sensation 4G for T-Mobile currently comes with a hybrid plastic-metal case, but some reporters have noticed that the case currently has a ‘death grip‘ issue where WiFi reception is concerned.

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