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Huge Holiday 2015 Steam Sale Start Date Leaks



New leaks have revealed when online shoppers can expect the best deals on new video games for PCs running Windows, Mac OS and Linux. Video game developer, reseller and hardware maker Valve plans to kick off its Holiday 2015 Steam Sale on December 22nd.

The start date for the Holiday 2015 Steam Sale leaked early this week thanks to payment service PayPal. Every year around this time Valve holds a huge holiday sale that includes heavily discounted PC games plus apps and even documentaries. Steam and the Steam Store are very popular, easily rivaling Microsoft’s Xbox Store and Sony’s PlayStation Store.

Screenshots of Valve's new gaming operating system, Steam OS.

PayPal’s website includes a dedicated page for keeping track of holiday deals available with PayPal Wallet. Listed among sales from eBay, and Domino’s is a link to the Holiday 2015 Steam Sale., “The Steam winter sale starts December 22! Get or give a digital gift card to bag a bargain” the page reads. PayPal is simply giving shoppers a way to purchase a Steam digital gift card for PC gamers that they know, not offering any additional savings on top of the deal.

Steam is neither confirming nor denying that December 22nd is the day that shoppers can expect its annual sale on video games and more to arrive. In fact, the company tries to keep the release date of sales quiet, preferring that they already be available before news of them spreads. That makes sense given that news of the exact Holiday 2015 Steam Sale kick-off date will cause a lot of shoppers to hold off on making any big game purchases to try to get a deal during the sale.

Steam customers are savvier than most. Holding out on purchasing games in the hopes of a better deal is something that is encouraged within the gaming community – no matter what platform.

If the date is accurate, we’ll learn more about the titles that are included in the Holiday 2015 Steam Sale on December 22nd.

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1 Comment

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