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Huge Things We Hope to See from Nintendo at E3 2015



So often, Microsoft and Sony get all the attention from members of the press during the Electronic Entertainment Expo. It’s a shame, because for Nintendo, E3 2015 couldn’t be a bigger deal.

Nintendo is often chastised for being a slower company, for embracing changes at its own pace instead of being out in front of everyone else creating with the latest technologies and trends. E3 2015 is important for Nintendo because it’s trying to show that there’s a comfortable middle ground between rushing into unproven territory and embracing new ideas and paradigms. Nintendo has a hot new partnership coming with games that’ll finally bring its wares to a new generation. There’s even a replacement for the Wii U in the not too distant future.

star fox wii u

Here are 5 Wii U and Nintendo 3DS related things that we hope to see at E3 2015 this year. Nintendo has an extended livestream event, competitions and demos planned for the show.

A Better Plan for Amiibo

A Better Plan for Amiibo

With the world of gaming gripped by Skylanders and other members of the toys-to-life genre craze, Nintendo proved that it could innovate when it counts. It wasn't long before Amiibo, Nintendo's bite-size figurines with NFC technology were the talk of the gaming community. Amiibo are a different take on the same classic idea; the figures unlock different characters and power-ups. The difference between Amiibo and Skylanders is that Nintendo's figures work across platforms and titles instead of just one collection of games. 

Today, Amiibo seem like a resounding success for Nintendo. Everyone wants the figures and some are willing to pay resellers more than their actually worth to get rare figures. Now Nintendo has a different problem than the one it began with. Steadily introducing new figures and adding compatibility with new games has taken a tole on Amiibo stock. Depending on what character you're looking for, tracking down an Amiibo could be a months-long exercise in frustration.  

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Expect Nintendo to talk at length about Amiibo Cards and a new reader that might one day help ease the pain for potential Amiibo buyers. Nintendo Amiibo figures work with the Wii U and the new Nintendo 3DS today. Nintendo confirmed plans to roll out readers for devices that aren't yet compatible earlier this year.  


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