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Hugo gets a peek at Fujitsu’s P1610 Tablet PC



A couple of weeks ago, we posted some specs and pics about Fujitsu’s newest Ultra Mobile PC – the LOOX. Well, Hugo posts an exclusive video preview of the P1610, the western sku for the LOOX.

Hugo was able to verify that the P1610 does have a PC card slot, which is simply awesome. It was the main thing that kept me from seriously considering the P1610. Now, not only do they have a pc card slot, they also have 3G embedded. Throw in the WXGA resolution, and you have an amazing machine.

One of the best things that Fujitsu has done with the P1610 is introduce some new palm resistence technology that helps you to write on the P1610 as well as use touch, which little touch interference.

My guess is that Fujitsu will be releasing the P1610 pretty soon, although the only dates I have seen are in the late September range for the LOOX sku.

Watch the video!

Specifications – Chalice (codename) P1610:

  • Yonah ULV (Ultra Low Voltage) U1400 Pentium M – 1.2 GHz
  • 512MB (mini SO-DIMM, still only one slot)
  • 80GB 1.8″ HDD
  • PC Card slot
  • 8.9″ WideXGA Resistive Touchscreen
  • MDC, LAN, FingerPrint, TPM, Bluetooth, WLAN, Intel 3945ABG, UMTS antenna (that’s the 3G bit), G sensor, US Keyboard, Pen and Battery.


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