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Hugo Ortega Gets Shifty With HTC



HugodopodWhen I first saw the headline, Hugo Ortega goes the HTC, I was determined that I was moving to Australia. Fellow Tablet PC MVP, Hugo Ortega seems like he gets his hands on most mobile devices before anyone else leading me to conclude that Austrailia must be the center of gravity attracting all these mobile devices from their orbit. I thought how could he get his hands on an HTC shift so early? Well he kinda did, kinda didn’t as he got his hands on the HTC DoPod 838pro, another of HTCs new devices. As usual uber vidoe blogger Hugo puts together a video post, this time showing how he uses the DoPod with his Samsung Q1. It is a nice look at both devices and since I currently use a PPC6700, I was very interested to see Hugo’s look at the 838pro. Check it out here and watch for him to drop it.



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