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Huzzah! Yet Another Right Click Image Resizing Tool For Vista!



I’ve been on a search to find a simple solution for the missing Windows Image Resizer Powertoy that was so hand in XP. The simple functionality of that powertoy allows you to simply right-click on an image and change the size of the image. I’ve found a couple of options, and huzzah, yet another simple solution has presented itself.

Over on Cumo Grano Salis, Shahar has posted a simple right-click solution that not only gives you right-click resizing functionality but allows you to right click and copy an image to the clipboard and choose the size you want the copy to be. Nice! The resizing tool is called the Prish Resizer, and it works like a charm. This is a handy little Cool Tool to have. Check it out here.


Thanks to Matt Faulkner for the tip.

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