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HyperJuice Expand Offers External Power with Interchangeable Batteries



Hyper announced a new line of external battery packs at CES this year called HyperJuice Expand. The idea behind these new external battery packs is that the size of the batteries are interchangeable and can be swapped out based on your needs for a certain situation.

There’s a main head unit that includes three USB ports to charge your mobile devices. This costs $20, and then you can get separate battery packs that clip onto the main head unit using magnets. The nice thing about this kind of system is that you can buy whatever size you need without any waste.

HyperJuice Expand

Choices are 3,000mAh for $20, 6,00mAh for $40, 9,000mAh for $60 and 12,000mAh for $80. This means that a full 12,000mAh unit will cost a total of $100, which is a little steep for what you can get elsewhere, but Hyper is betting on Expand’s ability to switch out batteries whenever you need to.

2014-01-09 16.03.56

For instance, a 3,000mAh would be great for night outs when you just want to put the Expand in your pocket with your phone, but a 12,000mAh unit would be best for road trips or while traveling away from home for a few days.

Furthermore, the main head unit has a built-in flashlight, which is a little gimmicky and unnecessary for the most part, but we guarantee that some users will find it useful for when they get stuck in the dark somewhere.

2014-01-09 16.04.27

The main head unit only comes in white, but the interchangeable battery packs come in different colors, including green, blue, red and yellow to match your iPhone 5c.

HyperJuice Expand details are live on Hyper’s website, but are not yet available for sale. However, the company tells us that sales should begin this week.

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