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Hyundai Plans NFC-Based Keyless Start for Cars in 2015



While most of the market surrounding near field communications, or NFC, and smartphones is currently centered around the mobile payment markets with solutions providers Google Wallet and ISIS, another potential use of NFC that is currently being explored is with keyless start. Essentially, similar to how many keyless start solutions work today, users wouldn’t need their keys to unlock or start their cars thanks to the RFID technology that’s in NFC.

Viper-Smart-StartTap your phone to the car handle, for example, and your door would unlock similar to keyless entry solutions today that works based on the proximity of the RFID chip inside dongles that drivers can place in their pockets. Tap your NFC-equipped phone to your car dashboard and your car would start.

The technology is being explored by Korean car-maker Hyundai right now, and the manufacturer intends on beginning production in 2015, according to a report on Phone Arena.

The concept car would also come with other technology add-ons, such as an induction charging pad that we’ve seen recently as part of a Technology upgrade package on Toyota’s 2013 Avalon.

Unlocking and remote starting your car from your phone isn’t really new technology. We’ve seen various implementations from after-market solutions in recent years, including those from Viper. However, Hyundai’s solution would be one of the first–if not the first–that’s available directly from a car-maker. It’s unclear though how the technology would be implemented and what phones would get certified for the keyless capabilities in the future. Hopefully, we’ll see a more open NFC market–rather than the play by our rules market for the mobile payment market–where consumers can bring their own devices to partake in the remote unlock and keyless start features.

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