HzO Wants To Waterproof Smartphones and Tablets with WaterBlock

HzO has a method of preventing water from damaging smartphones and tablets, but individual users can’t take advantage of it just yet.

The company showed off its WaterBlock technology at CTIA by fully submerging several smartphones and tablets in a tank of water. Thanks to HzO’s technology, an iPhone or any other smartphone can still work while underwater without the need for a special case of any kind.

WaterBlock makes phones waterproof by covering the devices in a “nano-thin film” that has “highly effective, water-repelling properties.” It sounds too good to be true, but actually does appear to work as the video below shows.

Unfortunately, HzO doesn’t offer its nano-thin film to consumers. There’s no option to just send off a brand new iPhone to get it waterproofed. Instead, HzO hopes to market WaterBlock to manufacturers in hopes that they’ll license the technology. The company hopes manufacturers will begin using WaterBlock in their next generation of smartphones.

We hope that somebody does license HzO’s WaterBlock technology. It’d be nice to see a great looking smartphone or tablet that can live through a bit of water. Current devices rely mostly on water-tight seals on ports instead of this sort of technology, which tends to result in less aesthetically pleasing devices. It’d be great if we can buy the next iPad to get a waterproof tablet instead of having to settle for something like the Pantech Element.

For users who don’t want to wait, there are other options for waterproofing devices such as special cases and processes similar to HzO’s WaterBlock like Liquipel.