I Am Now On Android Again! Why?

Well, you know I was doing the Android to Windows Phone 7 conversion a couple of weeks ago, right? It went well and I found that Windows Phone could be used as my “Daily Driver”. I decided to go with a swapping back and forth between the Samsung Galaxy S II Skyrocket and the HTC Titan. That went well for about a week. When I used the Skyrocket, I missed things about the Windows Phone 7. When I used the HTC Titan, I missed things about Android. I was all set to go back and forth. Something happened to change all that though. I changed my wireless carrier.

I am not going to discuss why I changed carriers, but I can tell you all certainty that it was not to purchase the Galaxy Nexus. Sure, it’s what I ended up with after a week with the Droid RAZR, but it’s not why I moved.

The downside to switching to Verizon is that I am left with no modern Windows Phone 7 device to hot swap back and forth with. This is something I didn’t think through. They do have the HTC Trophy, but until Microsoft can deliver LTE support, Verizon is not buying (or selling). Verizon did make a public statement not too long ago basically telling everyone that Microsoft and LTE is what’s holding up their Windows Phone support. Until then, I guess I will hunt for a HTC Trophy as my backup.

Why do I even need a Windows Phone backup? Well, I do have the Samsung Focus and HTC Titan, but I need a live device. I have an iPhone 4 at my disposal for testing, I have the Galaxy Nexus now, and I need a live Verizon Windows Phone 7 device to round out my coverage of apps, tips, and tricks here at GottaBeMobile. I need and want to cover all 3 platforms to keep my platform agnostic badge. I will admit, getting set up for coverage has taken longer than I thought, but I promise to be a functional member of the GBM Staff soon!

So, Android 4 aka Ice Cream Sandwich on the Galaxy Nexus for now!

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